Equine Insurance

As a horse owner, you appreciate not only their beauty, but their value as well. You need to protect your investment. Anthony Cecil Insurance offers equine insurance including the following coverages:

• Mortality

Covers All Risk of Mortality (Full Mortality) including humane destruction.

• Theft

Included at no charge with Mortality coverage.

• Infertility

First Season Congenital Infertility provides coverage in the event the stallion fails to impregnate an acceptable level of mares bred.

• Accident, Sickness, Disease

Permanent Infertility endorsement (Stallion Permanent Disability).

• Stallion Availability

Coverage if the Stallion becomes unavailable to breed.

• Barrenness

Broodmare conception coverage.

• Prospective Foal

Covers the unborn foal (fetus insurance).

• Specified Perils (Restricted Perils)

More reasonable and less Comprehensive than All Risk Mortality. Covers Specific Perils including, Fire, Lightning, Transit and others.

• Emergency Colic Surgery

Coverage for customary fees incurred as a result of Emergency Colic Surgery.

• Transit

Coverage for transit exposures including Southern Hemisphere and Frustration of Import/Export.

• Agreed Value

Amends loss settlement to full amount the animal is insured for, at the time of loss.

• Surgical

Covers fees for specified surgical procedures.

• Major Medical

Covers medical treatment for accident or illness.

• Loss of Use

Provides coverage in the event an animal becomes permanently incapable of fulfilling its intended use.

• Twelve Months Extension

Extends Mortality coverage for an additional 12 months when condition is reported during policy period.

• Wobbler Syndrome Coverage

Applicable when Wobbler Syndrome has been diagnosed and destruction is warranted.

• Guaranteed Renewal

Guarantees Renewal in spite of pre-existing conditions.